L2DL/AZCALL 2016 Live Presentations

Plenary: Boundary Work: Reflections on Collaboration across Disciplines for Technology Enhanced (Language) Teaching and Learning.Shelley Staples, University of Arizona. Introduced by Dwight Atkinson, University of Arizona

Keynote: Technologies and Morphologies of Communicative Action: Method, Investigation, and Transformation. Steven Thorne, Portland State University; University of Groningen. Introduced by Jinjing Zhao, Arizona State University

CALL/DL Intersections: Discussion of Digital Presentations, Kristin Lange, Jacob Monzingo, and Kayo Shintaku, University of Arizona

Leveraging Digital Literacies for Digital Equity: A Call to Action, Jill Castek, University of Arizona 

Adapting a Methodology: Register Analysis and Task-based Language Teaching, William Crawford, Northern Arizona University

L2 Digital Social Reading: Research and Practice, Joshua Thoms, Utah State University

Panel: Digital Literacies, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Corpus Linguistics: Intersections and Interactions. Introduction by Bryan Smith, Arizona State University

Keynote: From Multiliteracies to Posthumanism: Language, Literacy, Education and Society at a Digital Crossroads. Heather Lotherington,York University. Introduced by Chantelle Warner, CERCLL Co-Director, University of Arizona

a hybrid symposium on research and practice

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