L2DL 2014: Presentations

This page presents videos from the in-person portion of the symposium. Click here to view the online presentations from symposium posters

Keynote Presentation
Integrating Literacies Past, Present, and Future
Richard Kern, University of California, Berkeley


L2 Writing in the XXIst Century: Acknowledging New Literacies
Idoia Elola, Texas Tech University


Connected Play: Mischievous Cheating for Serious Learning
Debbie Fields, Utah State University


Rethinking Communicative Competence for Digital Spaces
Lawrence Williams, University of North Texas


New Literacies and New Understandings


Digital Literacies: The State of the Field
Kristen Michelson and Osman Solmaz, University of Arizona

a hybrid symposium on research and practice

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