L2DL/AZCALL 2016: Digital Presentations

Digital presentations will be online October 3 to 8, 2016, with opportunities for asynchronous and synchronous exchange with the authors during these days. Abstracts for the following list of presentations are available on individual pages–click on the title in which you are interested. You can also download a complete list of titles with abstracts here.

PRESENTATIONS WITH BOTH ASYNCHRONOUS AND SYNCHRONOUS DISCUSSIONS. Synchronous discussion will be at time listed (Mountain Standard Time – note that Arizona does not practice Daylight Savings), and asynchronous comments and questions can be left anytime.

Monday October 3

Tuesday October 4

Wednesday October 5

Thursday October 6

Friday October 7

PRESENTATIONS WITH ASYNCHRONOUS DISCUSSIONS (comments and questions can be left anytime, and presenters will be sent notification to respond)



a hybrid symposium on research and practice

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