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As digital technologies continue to radically change the social acts of meaning making in which we engage, boundaries once taken for granted between semiotic consumption and production and among various modes and medialities have begun to break down, pushing applied linguists and scholars of language pedagogy to reconsider conceptualizations of literacy in teaching and learning language and cultures. If new literacies afford new forms of meaning making, then they also demand new understandings of the ways in which we acquire and evaluate knowledge and communicate. For more, check out a brief slideshow on (new) digital L2 (multi)literac(y/ies).

This symposium will explore the wide array of practices captured by the concept of digital literacies from social networking to gaming to fan fiction to micropublishing as they relate to particular circumstances of learning and living in a second or additional language and culture.

In addition to the keynote talk by Richard Kern and a series of talks and panel discussions held on the University of Arizona campus on October 11, 2014, this event will include online poster presentations with opportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous exchange.

- Jon Reinhardt & Chantelle Warner, Symposium organizers


October 6-11: Poster Presentations Online

October 11 on the UA Campus

Roundtable: New Literacies and New Understandings

  •  L2 Writing in the XXIst Century: Acknowledging New Literacies, Idoia Elola, Texas Tech University
  • Connected Play: Mischievous Cheating for Serious Learning,    Debbie Fields, Utah State University
  • Rethinking Communicative Competence for Digital Spaces, Lawrence Williams, University of North Texas

Digital Literacies: The State of the Field
Kristen Michelson and Osman Solmaz, University of Arizona

2:15-3:45pm: Keynote Presentation
Integrating Literacies Past, Present, and Future
Richard Kern, University of California, Berkeley

4-5pm: Reception

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a hybrid symposium of research and practice


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