Digital Literacies posters are online

The Digital Literacies symposium posters are online starting today; the index of posters has the complete list with links to the abstracts and individual posters. Each poster has its own page where you can watch the presentations–15 to 25 minutes each–and leave comments or questions specific to individual posters at any time; the authors will respond periodically. You can also engage in synchronous discussion with some of the authors beginning tomorrow (October 7th). Directions for leaving comments and accessing the livechat are at the link above. If you have comments about the posters in general, you can leave those at the bottom of the index page.

Here is the schedule for the papers with synchronous exchange.

• Tuesday 7th: 9am PDT/Noon EDT
Understanding Language Learners’ Interaction in SCMC: A Sociocultural Study; Brianna Janssen Sánchez, University of Iowa

• Wednesday 8th: 10am PDT/1pm EDT
The IWB for EFL in France: A Technological Innovation Framework; Shona Whyte, Université Nice Sophia

• Thursday 9th: 7am PDT/10am EDT
Media Literacy, Explained by Students for Students; Grit Matthias, Cornell University

• Thursday 9th: 9am PDT/Noon EDT
Digital games in the classroom – Results and reflections from two semesters; Kristin Lange, Diane Richardson, and Chantelle Warner, University of Arizona

• Friday 10th: 11am PDT/2pm EDT
Web Site Use and Lesson Plan for Teaching and Learning Japanese as a Foreign Language; Kayo Shintaku, University of Arizona

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